OK, Fangirl has emerged at this end of the computer. It is completely in charge of all content from this point forward

Seanan McGuire is an amazing writer and has been one of my favorites since I read her first October Daye novel All her book titles come from Shakespeare. Her sarcastic wit, her amazing take on old lore and the incredible way she spun a tale.

When the Incryptid series came along–OMG there is no end to the “soundbite” moments in these books. From the quotes at the beginning of each chapter to the millions of quirky statements made back and forth as well as just the familial dynamics. Add in a world of supernaturals trying to stay under the radar but who nee help to survive, the Price family of cryptozoologists who are familiar enough with all the cryptids unique biology, an organization dedicated to the elimination of all cryptids from the planet that the Prices defected from generations ago. Add in talking mice (who worship the human prices and record every word ever spoken as gospel and created a religion around them) and you have got an addicting series of books!

Next up came the kindle serialized indexing and Indexing Reflections stories and not only did we get a covert agency dealing with the supernatural but we learned that there is an actual folk lore and fairy tale index!

When I learned she was up for a HUGO, I was super excited! But on Monday, while I was attending parent teacher conferences and mourning the fact I have a high schooler now (who by the way is Seanan Mcguire’s absolute biggest fan) Seanan Mcguire won the HUGO award !!!!