By Clare Kidwell-Arnese 

Ride the Storm Book Review: I received an ARC (advanced readers copy) from Karen Chance in exchange for writing a spoiler free review and that’s going to be difficult let me tell you because this book is 608 pages of non-stop action, plot twists and fantastic dialog! When this book comes out on August 1st don’t buy one copy, BUY TWO; you’ll need them because this book is so good you wont be able to put it down even for a minute! Your children will run amok, you’ll burn dinner two nights in a row, the dog will stare forlornly at you from next to his leash and your husband will wonder if you’ve finally lost your mind because you will bump into walls walking with the book in front of your face; you’ll trip over shoes and toys and forget to eat because you cant stop! You have to find out what happens on the next page!! And that second copy? you need it for when you inevitably take the book to the bath tub after the children are in bed and you drop the first one because NO! THAT DID NOT JUST HAPPEN!! 😀 Karen Chance is a Master wordsmith and proves it once again with book 8 in the Cassandra Palmer series. Her writing just gets better and better. If there were a Senate of Authors, Chance would be the Consul. Her words are that powerful; the action scenes so intense you’ll find yourself leaping up from the couch or pacing frantically around the room as you devour them because you can feel them right down to your bones. You just know if you don’t move, leap right along with them, do SOMETHING they might not make it! Like one of Cassie’s visions you are sucked in and jerked along for a 600 page tornado ride that sucks everything from the first 8 books up in its maw and spins them wildly, throwing everything you thought you knew in a whole new light and nothing will ever be the same, and you’ll love every minute of it!!!! The only thing I can say is Bring on Book 9!!!! After riding this Storm I can’t wait for MORE!!!!!