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On a Night filled with Fear and Anxiety About So Much This Hit Me A Little Bit More Than Usual

I live in Florida and as I said in previous posts, every time a hurricane passes us by is a miracle and as I watched Harvey decimate Texas and Louisiana I was in equal parts inspired and appalled by the men and  women who joined together to help, taking any bit they had, be it boats or water, time or money, clothing or food… And appalled by those who made excuses for why they could not help, citing the water unsafe as there was no way to know what might be in them or difficulty in securing transportation or any other thing they could pull out of thin air… Now we face another hurricane and it is poised to hit Florida and I find myself praying that this one passes us by, although that looks less and less likely as time passes.  I am watching my neighbors go insane, making runs on drugstores and supermarkets and discount clubs and I don’t know what to say or do about the insanity I am seeing but it is insanity on a grandiose scale or done large…  And I am binge watching some TV shows as I look around my home wondering how I can take all the irreplaceable things in my home in hours if necessary, finding myself overwhelmed by the prospect of even trying to pack that bag. The wedding...

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An Incredible Opportunity for Free Books

So, if you have been following me for a while you know I am a fan of Debra Dunbar. Her storie are amazing to me. Even when I am trying to write a review I frequently find myself rereading the sentence again to make sure I really wanted to say that because it is so bizarre that I can’t believe I just typed that. Her books are Laugh out Loud for me, and somehow I can never quite find the words to explain what’s so funny and taken out of context people find it not that funny. So, when her newsetter told me that a giveaway was going on including her books, my first thought was I gotta get those books and then, I have to sprea the word… So, check this out my friends:...

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I am so excited and cannot wait! 

Jaymin Eve just announced the release of the third book in her Curse of the  Gods collaboration with Jane Washington!  I have just recently started reading her books again with the release of the Broken Compass book which returned to the world of the supernatural prison series…  Some links to the series… And Some of the previous works… Supernatural Prison The Walker Saga Individual...

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A few thoughts

So, for the last few days, while the rain was falling I am a little ashamed to admit that rather than curling up with my favorite books and the new ones, too, I have been binge watching TV shows through Amazon Prime and Netflix.  And it started me thinking a little bit about how much things have changed even as they have stayed the same.   We hardly ever think about the constant access we have to one another these days or how much information is shared constantly between us.  Another concept occurred to me as well. I have a little bit of an obsession that I’ve had since my early teens. That obsession is a comic book series called elfquest and the way that I got involved with that comic book series was kind of a fluke. I was on a road trip with my best friend’s family to Hilton Head and once we got there I took my book that I was reading in the car and had brought with me to read it the beach and read it at the beach while we were sunbathing. This had an unintended consequence, since I was reading I was laying on my stomach all day while we were at the beach and by the time that we left my back had passed the color red and it’s sunburn on...

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A Few Products that I Happily Endorse Without Incentive 

In addition to being a book nerd, I am something of a more traditional  nerd too.  In that aspect I find myself trying a lot of new products things like Bluetooth speakers and headphones and external Chargers  and other things that make my phone / tablet easier to use both at home and on the go.  In that vein I recently purchased a device that is hands down the most useful of these products I have tried and it is not all that expensive! As an unrelated issue, I have stumbled upon another product that is clearly above any other products in that industry and I wanted to share that as well.  I am talking about the products produced by the company the Coldest water.  Their ice packs are impressive retaining flexibility when frozen and staying cold longer than other reusable ice/heat delivery systems.  I use them for my migraines and am a huge fan  That’s all for now.  Stay safe and dry out...

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In Response to the Recent RWA Controversy, I am Reposting this Article from April

Samantha A Karp Hauser April 11 · https://www.facebook.com/samantha.karp.hauser/posts/10212256364831667  For me, the Holocaust is a real emotional thing. I had no grandparents growing up, but we spent lots of time in our apartments in Miami in a Jewish enclave, I guess. It was a gated community on North Miami Beach with three towers, a little convenience store, a restaurant and pool, and Dock slips for boats. And so my babysitters were retired Jewish retirees, most of whom were holocaust survivors. I was 2 or 3, the first time I heard of the Holocaust. I was spending the night with the Fusses, whom I called Grandma and Grandpa Fuss. I had taken a number and written numbers on my arm, to be like them. I didn’t understand why it horrified these two Holocaust survivors. I still remember the tears pouring down Grandma Fusses face as she scrubbed my arm with a sponge from the kitchen. Eventually, I learned their story. Two people who were the only survivors of their families who found love after the camps. I heard about their parents and siblings who died in the camps. I remember that one of their sisters was a ballerina. She was a teenager when she went into the camps and she ade it through the initial separation because a guard thought she was beautiful. As an adult, I know what that meant...

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