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Author: bestbooklover

Touch the dark part two

So, Cassie knows something is up when she is escorted into the vampire senates meeting room.  Tony is there via mirror, but he is digging a hole for himself.  The mirror gets taken away…and Cassie gets her first look at the North American Vampire Senate led by none other than Cleopatra herself…Rather then try to explain, ill just quote from here …then i will hit you with what i think Besides the Consul’s, there were twelve places at the table. More than half were empty, but the ones that were filled made up for it. A dark-haired woman sat nearest to me, dressed in a long velvet gown. A little cap decorated with pearls as big as my thumb framed her face, and heavy gold embroidery traced its way up her burgundy skirts. Her skin had the opalescent sheen of naturally  pale skin that hasn’t seen the sun in centuries, and was marred only by a ridge of scar tissue around her throat that a silk ribbon didn’t quite conceal. Someone had gotten close enough to this beauty to take her head but hadn’t heard that this alone won’t kill a vamp. If the heart is intact, the body will mend, although I winced at the amount of effort it must have taken to heal a wound like that. Next to her sat the only person at the table...

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Touch The Dark Reread Part 1

Cassandra Palmer has had a rough life.  She is in her mid-twenties and on the run from Vampires.  When she returns from her dinner break at the travel agency, someone has changed the wallpaper on her computer to her obituary in the next days paper.  She is going to be killed in a little over an hour.  Before she runs, she has to let her roommate know why she’s leaving.  Cassie is a clairvoyant and talks to ghosts.  On her way to the club where she sometimes tells futures, she runs into one of the resident ghosts of Atlanta, Portia.  Portia is a southern belle who died before she made it to her wedding.  Cassie asks Portia if she has seen Billy Joe.  Billy Joe is a bad gambler from the 1800′s who got caught cheating and was killed, but luckily he had won a truly horrific gemstone necklace from a countess the week before and the gem stored residual energy.  The gem was enough to keep Billy Joe around and when Cassie came across the necklace at 17, she started giving him life energy so he could help her.  Portia hasn’t seen Billy Joe, but says she and her friends will enjoy playing lookout.   Cassie was raised by Tony, a 3rd level master vampire, who ran the Philly mob.  He used her visions to make money, and...

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