May the light of the candles this hanukkah illuminate the dark, especially that which dims the light of the beautiful soul within you.  May your souls light burn strong and true bringing peace love hope and joy to you and all those who need a path to get to a place where their soul is equally  bright.  May you find fulfillment in doing Something that you love and is just for you.  May your burdens become lighter and your life better.  May you recognize that every day is a gift and stop putting off until tomorrow things that can be done today.  Acknowledge who and what in your life matters to you and try to keep them in your life.  Get rid Of those people who dim your souls light.  Practice random acts of kindness simply for the joy of helping someone else.  May the Light of the candles. Kindle the. Light of your soul and give you strength purpose direction and hope.  Let the light of the candles also show the reality of your life and situation and in so doing illuminate a path to actions you can take but also lead you to acceptance that the only person you have control over is you. May you receive only g-ds blessings and may the light from the candles bring you a life of prosperity health and joy